Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, I don't have much to talk about. With the recent blizzards, the VLC's progress has come to a screeching halt because I can't get out to the barn he's at. I haven't made it further than the grocery store in over a week.

For those of you in the Midwest or East coast who think I am a wussy, let me explain what happens when it snows in the PNW:


Yes, that's right. Because it's such an infrequent occurrence, we are not set up for it and so nothing gets plowed, salted or sanded. It just sits there on the road. Everything closes up and you are expected to simply stay home. So, despite three decades mostly in Wisconsin and good winter driving skills, this time I am stuck. I am assured that the VLC is fine and that a friend actually made him a nice hot mash with peppermints in it the other day. He goes out in the indoor with the geldings and they play tarp tug-o-war. Well, the other gelding is trying to teach it to him. He hasn't quite caught on yet, and simply drops it and lets the other guy have it. He's not the most competitive, ha ha.

*shrug* What can you do? Can't fight Mother Nature! The VLC blog will return when the weather cooperates and he can get his furry oversized butt back to work. For those who missed this in the comments, he's been seen by the vet and put back to work - slow conditioning, backing up in hand and hill work if we can find a hill (nothing on the property, unfortunately). It was his stifle, as I thought, plus he was a little bit out in the hip so that got fixed. He also needs work on neck flexibility so he was prescribed carrot stretches. The VLC thinks the vet-chiropractor was like the best idea ever.

So that's it for now - Hope you and your horses are having a wonderful holiday season!


clara said...

ugh i know what you mean. i'm in silverdale and my horse is in poulsbo. until today i hadn't been out there since the 15th and i was going CRAZY. cabin fever sucks and i am so thankful that i got to see my horse and spend christmas eve with him

hopefully the snow will melt soon. or at least the roads will get better.

merry christmas and oh yeah


verylargecolt said...

Yeah I may try to make it out tomorrow. It's such a dilemma. I'm dying to see the VLC but boy will I be angry at myself if I wind up in a ditch paying for towing!

Our Horse Curly said...

I got stuck just trying to get out of my driveway this evening! (live in Walla Walla)

We are supposed to be evaluating a new horse this next week...but I don't see how we'll be able to get out to our boarding barn. I want this snow to GO AWAY right now....but am also worried about possible flooding since I live about 100 yards from one of the major waterways in our town.

Crossing my fingers that we'll all be able to be with our equine friends soon...Merry Christmas!

Kim said...

Just drive slowly, and bring shovels! and don't drive crazy and land in a ditch! and bring shovels! shovels and rakes, and tools like that are helpful in the weather we are having. We get our roads sanded and plowed, so it's not too terrible here, but getting out of the driveway with thick snow is a pain, especially when it's the car that is lower to the ground. It can get stuck in tall snow so easy.

BuckdOff said...

I hope you can get to see the VLC, I'm glad he's having fun, anyway... I seriously drive around with a shovel in the back seat along with a bag of kitty litter. I have been known to use door mats and floor mats under the wheels to get traction. Just make sure everyone stands back, they fly through the air, LOL! Best of luck, hope everything improves there. It finally did here, we had 17" of ocean effect snow last weekend. Sunday will be 60 degrees, go figure!

Anonymous said...

ughs i hear you.. today was the first day we made it down our road... and while i was able to ride... not being able to get out made me plum cranky (keeping it clean! ):) hope to make it out tomorrow ... but the winds might kaibosh that yet again

interesting to hear that other folks are experiencing the same conondrum as well

gp in montana

qthorsegal said...

I don't entirely agree. I live in Woodinville and we have 25 inches of snow. I see snowplows out and sanded roads. I have been to work and gotten out. (Ok, I have a Suburban that can go most anywhere.) What they don't do is maintain most small offshoot roads especially in unincorporated areas (like mine). So I have a few miles of fending for myself to get off the hill but I once you get to "civilization" the roads are just fine.

Josie said...

Yep, that's been my experience.
Step 1 - get off farm property
Step 2 - get off the road the farm is on

If I can accomplish Steps 1 and 2, I'm pretty much golden for the rest of the excursion. Since the 17th, what's that, 9 days now? I have refused to try either step on about 2-3 days (just stayed home), failed Step 1 twice (had to be pulled/pushed back into parking space) and failed Step 2 once (went off our road into snowbank and had to have the farm owner come with truck and chains). The other 3-4 days I was successful getting into town at least.

It's getting worse before it gets better. The slushy puddly deep crap is more of a pain than fresh packed snow.

qthorsegal said...

Yeah, this melting stuff is just nasty. The car just sinks and then you get stuck. Way worse than frozen snow.

Kim said...

so true qthorsegal! I've been afraid to drive in the slush that your sink in.. I said today, that stuff is worse than driving on the compacted snow.. but at least the sun came out today, and the clouds and snow is melting and drying and going away! no more rain and snow for at least 6 months please! the longer the better!

Kim said...

it got up to 42 degrees here today... that was soo nice! I can hardly wait for 60 degree weather though!